Stuck in a Boring Job?

grand-gourmet boring job

Face it. You are sick and tired of that same boring job you wake up early and sit in an hour of traffic every morning for. It’s time that you make a change. But, how are you going to do such a thing?

If you are stuck in a boring job and want to make a switch, you need to get yourself back into the job market. You need to act like you are not employed and do exactly what all of the unemployed job seekers are doing. After all, if you can’t show a new company that you’re better than those hungry job seekers, you might never get out of your current position.

The very first place to star is to draw up a list of jobs you think you would like. It could be in the same field, or it could be in a completely different one. Whatever the case may be, you need to make a list.

Try and come up with a t least ten different jobs you think you want. Then, after you have a nice long list, cut it down to five. Now, cut it down to three.

Once you have narrowed your list of potential job targets down you need to get your paperwork ready. You need a resume and a cover letter so you can begin the application process as soon as you find a potential future employer.

Spend a little time and learn how to write a resume that will catch companies’ attention and a cover letter than will make you stand out. Now make a resume and throw it right into the trash. You first draft is always going to be terrible.

After you go through that little exercise, it’s time to get work on making the resume or resumes you will actually use. You should have a different one for each of the three jobs you wish to target.

Don’t worry about writing the cover letter yet. You can do that when you have a specific job opening you will send your resume to. You want to wait because you really want to tailor the cover letter to one specific company.

After your paperwork is all set you need to start your search. There are dozens of online job databases that list tens of thousands of jobs. They can be a little daunting at first just because of all the listings they have, but if you take your time you are sure to be able to narrow the potential list down a bit.

You can also contact headhunters, as they will do the job-hunting for you. Some have better reputations than other though so you might want to take a few minutes and vet each one you are considering using. You don’t want to get stuck in another job you don’t like because of a shady recruiter.

Once you have some hot leads, it’s time to contact the companies that interest you. You have your resume ready to go, and you know the company, so you can whip up a custom cover letter and send it out along with your resume. If all goes well, you will be interviewing and accepting your new and hopefully much less boring position within a couple of weeks.